Can White Men Rock Cornrows?

White men cornrows

hairstyles are not as such an unusual sight as was once the case, in today’s world there is a complete convergence of cultures and fashions. Whereas not so long ago, this type of hairstyle was the reserve of African-Americans and Latinos, today it can be seen sported on the heads of both male and female Caucasians.

History of white men cornrows

In actuality, this hairstyle has been worn by white men for thousands of years. When we look back into history, we can see that some ancient Greek and Roman men used to have the hair fashioned in this way. Also, there is evidence from old Celtic societies in northern Europe which proves that the style was also a popular choice in these cultures. Another historical group in which men frequently had their locks fashioned in this way were the vikings. It is fascinating that what was once a practical choice has now become a stylish look.

white men cornrows

Opportunities for white men cornrows

There are now many salons that specialize in hair braiding and wrapping techniques, and offer white men the opportunity to choose a creative and stylish hairstyle that allows them to give off a bold statement. Though creating cornrows on straight hair is more time consuming than with curly hair, the trade off is that the style can last a considerable amount of time with the minimal of grooming and care.

Today, it is acceptable for white guys of all ages to choose to have their hair tied back in these tight braids. No matter what you occupation, or social background, this is a look that will not be viewed disapprovingly. If you have medium to long hair, and would like to reinvent your appearance, this is a hairstyle that would certainly have a dramatic effect.

To ensure you can have the type of appearance that you desire, it is essential that you can locate a stylist who has experience braiding white men cornrows. It takes a skilled pair of hands and a sense of originality for a stylist to be able to create the type of finish that you may expect.

Before you decide to book yourself in for an appointment at a specialist salon, it can be useful to check out a range of pictures of white men wearing this type of cornrows hairstyle. A good example is the soccer player David Beckham, he had his hair in cornrows for a considerable amount of time.

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