How To Braid Hair And Make Extra Money!

So you want to learn how to braid hair. Well you have come to the right place! If you haven’t checked out our videos, do so now and see how simple it is to learn how to braid.

Yes, braiding hair is cool but did you know how easy it was to make extra cash at the end of the month by braiding hair? Lets do the math.  Say you have just 4 clients and you charge $25 per visit.  The cool thing about clients who need to get their hair braided is that they usually get them twisted two times a month!!

how to braid hair for money

So if you have just 4 clients paying $50 per month, thats $200 at the end of the month just by doing very little work!  Of course you need to know how to braid hair first and lucky you we have free videos on how to braid hair step by step.



Find high paying clients by developing your ability to braid hair.

Obviously, the best way to find clients and keep them happy is to be able to be very good at braiding hair.  But what if you are not that good?  Thats okay because we all have to start off somewhere.  Keeping happy clients so that they can keep coming to you for their braiding needs is important to keeping that steady few hundred dollars at the end of every month.


How to practice braiding hair.

how to braid

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The obvious choice is practice on your little sister lol.  The problem with that is, practicing braiding different styles of braids and patterns can take a very long time and nobody wants to be your guinea pig!  Thats why you need to purchase a mannequin with real hair so that you can practice braiding hair.  You can find these at many places online and I would recommend buying the mannequin with real like hair so that you can get good by practicing how to braid hair.


Now that you know how to braid hair, where do you find clients?

A few places to find clients:

  • Craigs list is one of the best places to find clients! All you have to do is post a service up and add a few pictures that you braided with the mannequins and use them in your portfolio.
  • Facebook is also a good place to find clients.  All you have to do is do a geographical location search for the term “cornrows or hair braids” and message people to see if they need a hair braider. Yes they already have a hair stylist but thats why it’s important to be able to braid advanced styles or offer a better price and give the client a choice.
  • Another place to find clients is the club! Look for people that have their hair braided and hand them a business card offering your service.  The thing about clients is that they are always looking for other braiders just in case they can’t make an appointment or sometimes it’s just nice to find a person who can braid different styles of braids.

Finally, you know how to braid hair and you found some clients. Where can you offer your services?

How to braid hair from home:

hair braiding chair

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The thing about working from a salon is that you have to pay for the chair.  Now who wants to do that when you can keep most of the money yourself?  A lot of people who know how to braid hair work from home.  If you are worried about this you can just make sure someone is home with you when clients come over.  The cool thing about braiding hair is, all you need is a comb, some rubber bands and a salon chair.  You can also find those online for a reasonable price!

So there you go! You’ve taught yourself how to braid hair and you have all the information that you need to make a little extra money every month.  Braiding hair is a very good way to earn money. Remember that all you need is a few clients.  The better your ability to braid hair is will determine how much you can charge so it’s very important that you practice how to braid!  Don’t forget that you can learn how to braid hair by watching our videos in the how to cornrows page!  Thanks for reading.

4 Basic Braided Hair Styles Offer Endless Variations

Braided Hair Styles..

Braided hair styles have been increasingly spotted from the red carpet to the beach, worn by celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Alicia Keys and Jessica Alba.

Regardless of age or hair type, the styles below provide foundations from which numerous variations can be designed.

Suited best to longer hair, braids have evolved significantly from their humble beginnings, worn simply to keep hair out of the way, to being fashion superstars.

Find out a little about each technique, who wears it, and what other styles it promotes.

Braided Hair Styles
1. Cornrows:

Long heralded as styles native to West Africa, cornrows have made their way into international fashion.  Once worn mainly by those of African ethnicity, they were an instant hit when adorning actress Bo Derek in the classic movie, 10.  Often professionally done in salons, here is an idea of how great cornrows, as seen on Cicely Tyson and famous women of color, as well as many others including children and men, are achieved.
Cornrows take their name from fields of corn with neat distinctive rows, as the hair is clearly separated from the scalp in sections that allow it to show.

As cornrows can take on different patterns, it is advisable to devise a plan for how they should look. Then spritzing water or a water-detangling mixture on the hair, it should be combed well, being slightly damp to begin. A section of hair for a cornrow is made, keeping other hair out of the way. Separating the section into three strands, a normal braid of two “stitches” is completed, and with the outer strands held aside, it is then necessary to reach beneath the starter braid and add a little more hair to the middle strand, merging it.  From the resultant three strands, a normal braid stitch is done again. The process is continued, each time adding some hair to the middle, until no more hair remains.  Each cornrow  is secured with a hair clip, barrette or pretty snap bead or bolo tie.

Variations:  Cornrows can hang all around the head, or be piled up into a bun, pulled behind the ear or gathered as pony tails.  Sometimes diagonal patterns define just the front area of the scalp, allowing for a straighter or more freely hanging back section.

2. French Braids:

These offer a sophisticated look because of the appearance of finer hair strands pulled alongside the braid length. As with cornrows, once hair is French braided, many style possibilities exist. However, French braids can be difficult to do and require some practice, especially when trying to do them on one’s own hair. That is because of the necessary maneuvering of fingers and hands while performing this technique.

A French braid begins with three small hair strands, usually near the crown or top of the head, mid-section sometimes, that are braided toward the nape of the neck. Gradually more hair is added to each section as it crosses to the middle from alternating sides. Switching left to right, every time more hair is added to the furthermost section from the corresponding side of the head, hair from the furthest opposite side is crossed over the middle strand. The end result is a long braid incorporating all of the hair into a woven pattern over the scalp.  If all of the hair is parted into two or more sections and kept separate while each is being worked on, multiple braids can be made.

Advantages of French braids are that stray or flyaway hair too short to reach the neck can be caught up neatly in the process; also the tension of the braids is comfortably dispersed over the scalp.
Variations: While French braids appear sleek and sophisticated, they can be incorporated into regular buns or used with a center part and swept back and secured together with a fastener or elastic. Moreover, a twosome can evoke classic pigtails, but with different appeal.

3. Fishtail Braids:

Popularized lately by Rihanna and other fashionable performers, fishtail braids look elaborate while being among the easiest to do. The technique is quite simple and involves first dividing the hair into two large sections, straight down the middle. Then, pulling a thin strand from the outside of the first section directly over itself, it is added to the second section. Repeating for the other side, again taking the hair strand from the outside of the second section, it is pulled over itself and added to the first section. Making it as loose or tight as desired, the process is repeated until a finished braid is ready to be trimmed with ribbon, charms, or elastic. Fishtail braids are simple, yet, when paired with a dressy outfit, add a sensual appeal and softly elegant look.

4. Basic English Braids or Plaits:

While these are, perhaps, the simplest to do, using three equally sized strands and alternately crossing the left and right strands over the middle, they lend themselves to numerous styles. It is easiest to start with a pony tail, then take the right or left of three strands and cross it over the middle one, so it becomes united with the middle one; then do the same with the other side, alternating until completed. Fasten with elastics.

Simple braids can be wrapped around the head for a crown effect as Kirsten Dunst has popularized, or used at the forehead, like Hayden Panettiere, for a headband effect.  One large braid may be loosely created under and swept behind one ear. Other nice looks involve mingling tiny braids among loosely falling or waving hair, wrapping them with sparkling twine or chain for an interesting touch. Another is accomplished using a small braid formed from the front section of hair and pinning it back with a pretty barrette, keeping it off the face while offering distinction to a long style.

Rope and Princess Ann braids are other types that work well with longer hair. Overall, whatever type is worn, braided hair styles add everything from the patterned intricacy of cornrows and all their variations to the pizzazz of old fashioned braids highlighting flowing or upswept, hair. While fishtails lend a relaxed carefree neatness to long locks, French braids are conversely a nod to sleek sophistication. Having fun with braids is clearly popular today. From Jada Pinkett Smith to Jennifer Anniston, indeed for anyone with some hair to work with, the perfect braid style will complement it.